Solar Systems

Who we are

Mobile mart is specializing in offering our customers integrated business solutions backed by our technical expertise and in-depth understanding of local markets . Decades of extensive experience operating in remote areas and an urgent requirement to help our clients increase their operational efficiency by REDUCING total cost of ownership , has led OMR engineering teams to design and develop the ManSolar.

ManSolar is a scalable Photovoltaic KIT, it is excellent in performance, has an aesthetic design and consists of premium quality components such as Photovoltaic Modules, PV-Inverters, DC harnesses and the most reliable mounting systems for ground and roof applications. The solution is customized to provide clean, efficient, economic and reliable power to meet YOMR needs.


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Key solution advantages

Fuel Cost Reduction: PV solutions provides fuel cost reductions in case there are any and the cost generated with solar is lower than grid prices for residential, commercial and INDUSTRIAL customers.

Fixed Prices: Once the solar system has been installed, the price of electricity generated is fixed for at least 25 years.

Remote Capabilities: Where there is no grid power available, small scale and portable solar technology can be used to bring light & communications to the remotest of places.

Cheaper Power: Due to the long life, falling capital costs and very low RMNNING costs of solar power, this renewable energy technology can provide power which is cheaper than retail price power or power standby generators.

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