Monitor, Control and Reduce

Up to 43% of global energy consumption is going to waste. Eniscope provides the solution – an all−in−one hardware and sohware package that reveals energy consumption in real-time, in minute detail.

The Hardware

Eniscope is a compact plug-and-play system, easily and safely installed by any electrician – boasting an average install time of around 3 hours.

Our system offers 8 three-phase metering points, with physical connectivity for further temperature and pulse inputs and wireless connectivity for a range of proprietary wireless IoT (Internet of Things) sensors.

Connect seamlessly to incumbent meters (eg. gas and water). And feed data into your current BMS or CAFM solution with ease via our API.

The Software

View data anywhere in real-time using Eniscope Analytics. Access our cloud-based system to easily manipulate data and take advantage of intelligent alarms to inform your actions on site.

And with one intuitive analytics platform, you don’t have to live with scattered, disparate information any more. Enjoy an infinitely scalable solution – capable of collating second-by-second data from thousands of locations in real-time.

Not in the office? No problem – use our bespoke mobile app to make energy management decisions on the go.

Power Purchase Agreement

  • Second by second energy consumption data
  • Easily verify energy-saving solutions
  • Identify invisible energy wastage and cost saving options
  • Easily integrate software with your system via our API
  • Easy and safe to install hardware
  • Infinitely scalable solution, one dashboard for whole estates
  • Display real-time consumption on-site to modify staff behaviour
  • Remote updates ensure continuous improvement via the cloud
  • Connect and verify energy-saving technologies, like LED lighting
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