This is a locally developed ERP software for learning institutions. It comes with the following main features:
School Administration: Detailed students’ & guardians’ records, application, interview, admission,assignment to various classes and streams and students’ school diary. Creates fee structures that will apply to all or selected students and track all financial transactions using the integrated audit trail. Even students of the same class/stream can take different subjects. All student records are maintained and archived for the entire period at school. Special subject and activities assignment and billing
Student Assessments: allocating subjects and billable items to students; creating and assigning assessments like assignments, examinations and recording grades and ranking with analysis for performance by student, class, teacher or subject. This module also allows tracking of students’ performance in extra-curricular activities. Automatic grading and ranking of scores with reports, graphs & charts and automated student promotion at the end of academic periods.
Financial Management: creating and managing billable items like school fees, transport and extracurricular activities, tracking and invoicing usage of items, creating fee structures and automated invoicing of students with periodic reminders and reports. All parts of the software are integrated to the financial system so you see the complete picture right through to the P&L and Balance Sheet.
HR & Payroll Management: A comprehensive HR & Payroll management for processing teachers & employees’ information, statutory and voluntary deductions and automated computation of PAYE and other KRA requirements. All required KRA forms and submission requirements are in-built ready for submission or exporting to the KRA required formats. Recruitment, Leave, Assets & Task assignment and employee’s dependants & contacts are to be found in the HR modules.
Data Management & Online Access: The system comes with secure data management that controls data back-up and recovery, online publishing of summary information (eg, student population or class performance) and remote access to authorized users.

The following modules are available as optional upgrades:
Fleet Management: records usage log of transport facilities, daily students’ transport manifest per vehicle, zoning system for billing of students, allocation of vehicles and tracking of expenses like fuel, service, insurance and repair bills per vehicle.
Library Management: managing ordering and receipt of books in to the library with bar-coding system for issuing and tracking return of items, tracking status of items at issue and return and functionality for invoicing for damage, loss or overdue penalties.
Bookshop Management: this is an inventory management system for manages movement of items with the options of FIFO, LIFO & average costing systems to track profitability of the bookshop as an entity within the institution. Online access or SMS notification of performance results and fee reminders & statements
Time Table: Allows the school to create their time tables anytime based on the variety of subjects they offer and the available resources in terms of teachers, classes & spaces with the desired schedules

All MobileMart Systems Software products, including this one, come with the following Standard Features:
– Online updates that ensures update of our systems regardless of location of use;
– Integrated accounting that tracks & provides financial reports all incomes & expenses
– Document Management System, eg, to store photos of students, copies of birth certificates, etc;
– Data security and Back-up and remote access of summary data
– Multi-user management with various login roles and Audit Trail than tracks all users’ activities;
– Multiple computer/LAN capability for different functions, eg, for bursar & exam master;
– Automatic reminders & alerts for scheduled activities, eg, exam due dates;
– Video Tutorials that help users refresh or learn more on their own

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