This is a locally developed ERP software for the property industry. It comes with the following main features:
Property Manager (Rentals & Facilities)

  • Maintains a detailed database of landlords, properties, units and tenants, including details like names,next-of-kin, billing address, and comes with our unique document management system to maintain items like photos, ID of tenants, contracts/signed agreements, etc, in one place with the persons records.
  • Does (auto)invoicing of rentals and related costs, eg, garbage collection, security, service charge,utilities, goodwill, etc, on set dates
  • Automatically calculates and posts management & collection commissions by global rates or rates per unit as agreed
  • A suppliers’ module that tracks the agents office costs and the landlords/property costs so you know how much is due to suppliers from either agent or landlord
  • A rent remitance module that calculates what is due to the landlords and what commissions are due to the agent based on agreed rates
  • Banking module with multiple bank accounts, bank reconciliation, bank statements
  • Several reports including projection of rentals per period, tenant statements, owner’s statement,rental schedule, all with drill down capabilities and export to excel, word, html or pdf.
  • Inventory management tracking purchase, issue and sell of inventory, items in store and in transit
  • Classification of properties by owners, type (eg residetial, commercial), and split into rental units. All reports can be generated by these groupings.


  • This product comes with a uniquely build Accounting system that does complete accounts for the owners and another set for the agent in one place all the way to profit & loss accounts, balance sheet, trial balance, audit trail and tax statements, and Inventory Management for each category.


  • Web and mobile integration can be included if needed.
  • Online access or SMS notification of rent due and payment reminders & statements


  • Online updates that ensures update of our systems regardless of location of use;
  • Integrated comprehensive accounting that tracks & provides financial reports all incomes & expenses
  • Document Management System, eg, to store photos of tenants, title deeds, lease agreements, etc;
  • Data security and Back-up and remote (online) access of summary data like tenant reports
  • Multi-user management with various login roles and Audit Trail than tracks all users’ activities;
  • Multiple computer/LAN capability for different functions, eg, for cashier, property manager, etc;
  • Automatic reminders & alerts for scheduled activities, eg, lease renewal due dates, etc;
  • Video Tutorials that help users refresh or learn more on their own
  • Customisation: since we build our software ourselves, we can customize them to any level required
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