Integrated with POS
Inventory Management APP

This is an Inventory – Sales, Purchases and Expenses Management App. Its a Multiuser realtime Cloud based with Reporting on Stocks In/Out, Profit & Loss, Expense Manager. For Retail Outlets, Van Sales, Supply Chain. A Digital Mobile Management way of Trading.


The App also can be used in retail,wholesale and distribution,van sales inventory,purchase,sales and expense management app. it will help in managing the backoffice and with extensive reporting it helops in knowing how the brands comete with other brands on the shelves and the stock levels alert they go low on stocks and their reorder levels.Also does a profit and loss stcoks moement report amongest many others, with multiuser multi phones support makes business easier to manage.


  • Purchase Requisition (get price quotes from suppliers & convert them into POs when OK)
  • Purchase Orders • Receipt of Items • Receipt of Bills (Supplier Invoice)
  • Payment of Bills • Debit Notes (Returns & Discounts Received)
  • Document Management (attach photos, contracts and agreements with suppliers)
  • Track Outstanding Orders • Supplier Statement

Inventory listing (Main Items, Sub-Items & Grouped Items, i.e., Items that are sold together)

  • Auto-generated Goods Received Notes (GRN) & Delivery Notes
  • Integrated use of barcode scanners for identification, check-in and check-out of items
  • Extended Item Details include Item photo, bar code, serial no, OEM number, model number,
    Date of manufacture, date of expiry (if applicable), foreign currency price, list of suppliers,
    description of use, etc.
  • Inventory tracking (Transit in, Transit out, Stock in Hand)
  • Re-order Levels & Maximum Stock Levels with alerts
  • Complete Valuation Methods: FIFO, LIFO, Average, Weighted Average & Actual Valuation
  • Selective or Entire Stock-taking register
  • Real-time info on selected item availability in store or on order, and display of item photo
  • Real time display of Stock In Hand and On-Order for sales & purchase teams
  • Stock Valuation gains and losses accounting
  • Point-of-Sale module with bar-code readers
  • Self-generated bar code or manufacturer bar code option to check-in or check-out items from Stores
  • Stock Movement Analysis Report


  • Web based both online n offline, Multiple stores
  • Users with granted access(user rights module)
  • Product management (price, taxes, categories)
  • Stores management and stock transfer management
  • Stock inventory details, Vendor management
  • Purchases management, Clients and receiving’s sales
  • Sale credit, cash, credit card, Price levels management (retail n wholesale)
  • POS module, Sales and purchase returns
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