Introduce the power of IoT smart building technology to your operation.

Eniscope Air Digital is a versatile, multi- functional IoT device capable of delivering a rah of smart building functionality to a huge variety of premises. It offers two key benefits via its control technology − energy saving and operational.

On the energy saving side, Air Digital delivers binary control of key assets by controlling the contactors that facilitate power to that asset. Working in line with a schedule set in the Cloud and delivered by the central Eniscope hub, Air DigitaI switches your devices on and off for optimum efficiency

On the operational side, Air Digital’s switching capabilities extend to alarms and indicators – allowing you to create a set of smart alarms around your buiIding; aIerting staff to chiIIer doors Ieh ajar, Iow soap IeveIs in car washes, low oil levels in heating systems and so on. The possibilities are endless.

The Specifics

Supporting 3 output relays with 600V isolation, Air Digital can independently control separate devices at 250V 5A for resistive loads. Higher, inductive or multi-phase loads are switched using contactors under the control of the Eniscope Air Digital.

Fryers are a huge energy drain in a restaurant. Using Air DigitaI, we can scheduIe those fryers on and off in line with the needs of the restaurant – avoiding out of hours consumption and over-provision. The result is big energy savings.